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Bob Staples' 30-year Secret to Success

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Bob Staples' 30-year Secret to Success

"Good service sells.”

That’s Rule #1 for Bob Staples.

Operations Manager for SRT-Transportation Solutions in Houston, Bob has stuck by that rule for over 30 years.

Customers are demanding.   And they’re all different.  Different types of people with different personalities.  And you have to take care of them. Because the bottom line is, they pay the bills.”

Bob, who has been with SRT since the very beginning, credits his early years working in the field, loading and securing, for giving him the foundation for success.  

“We shared one office and one basic philosophy; we give our customers the best service possible.  Be prepared for the unexpected because nothing is ever simple in this industry.  There are so many things that can and will change.”

He’s passed that same foundation to his stepson, Carlos, who’s now well known and respected in the heavy lift/crane & rigging/heavy transport industry.

We brought him on, right out of high school, as a helper.  When you work for one of the best companies in the industry, you have to start by teaching the basics and they’ll learn it the right way.  And doing it right keeps our customers happy.”

Bob Felix, President of SRT-Transportation Solutions, liked what he saw, early on:

“When I met Bob Staples in 1992, I was looking for someone to take over our rail operations. My boss recommended our shop manager, Bob Staples, even though he had no experience. Bob immediately impressed me as someone eager to learn and build a strong track record.  Now, 24 years and three companies later, Bob Staples is the best in the business.”

An easy target for jokes due to his good nature, Bob Staples has enjoyed raising goats as a hobby for over 15 years.

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