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At the Port of New Orleans, Cooper/T. Smith Mooring (CTS Mooring) provides complete, professional mooring services. These services are available at all terminals, city-front docks and midstream facilities, from the mouth of the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge. Operations and personnel are coordinated by our dispatchers 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. CTS Mooring operates a large fleet of launch boats and vans, all dispatched from our central office at Algiers Point. 


Cooper/T. Smith Mooring (CTS Mooring) formed in January 1959 as a means to complement Crescent Towing's tug services. Since 1959, CTS Mooring has grown from a small operation with only four employees, to an extensive company of over 100 employees.



CTS Mooring has the largest footprint of mooring services on the Mississippi River. We provide mooring services from the mouth of the Mississippi River, around mile 10, to Baton Rouge, LA, mile 230. Mooring operations run 365 days a year with approximately 30 line-handler employees working around the clock. All jobs are dispatched from our central office in Algiers, LA. CTS Mooring has a large fleet of mooring launches that are strategically placed along the Mississippi River, ensuring that every mooring request is reached in a timely and efficient manner. A fleet of over 20 mooring vehicles travel the distance of the river, and combined, drive more than one-million miles every year.

CTS Mooring provides line-handling services to any terminal, port, or midstream location. Navy ships, passenger ships, private vessels, or special mooring requests are all in our scope of services. Gangway services are available by request to any location along the Mississippi River. All launches, vehicles, and gangways are repaired in-house by technicians who are uniquely trained to handle mooring specific equipment.



Safety training begins on the first day of the job and continues everyday thereafter. Upon hiring, all employees undergo an extensive orientation process, which includes multiple safety evaluations. Employees who become launch operators undergo additional extensive training that may last a year or more. Our elite team of veteran launch operators ensures that every trainee is capable of completing any launch job in a safe manner. 

CTS Mooring constantly trains employees both on and off the field; ensuring safety is always performed at the highest level. Employees undergo drills such as person-in-water training where they are put in simulated life-saving situations and have to practice retrieving a person from the water using a mooring launch. In addition, all members of our team are CPR and First Aid Certified. Management at all levels regularly attend jobs as part of a “Safety Observation” program. Managers frequently work in the field to reinforce CTS Mooring’s commitment to safety, which in turn contributes to team building and strengthens the bond between all of our employees.



Employees who wish to advance their career can do so in many different ways. Upon completion of no less than five years of service, an employee is eligible to become a launch operator, dispatcher, or office employee. CTS Mooring agrees that promotion from within is the best way to ensure a knowledgeable, skilled, and trusted workforce.



We are distinguished by the level of experience among our team members. One hundred employees collectively have over 1,000 years of line-handling experience, with the average employee having over 12 years of experience.