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A strategic alliance formed in 1999 between Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring and SSA Marine, CSA Stevedoring offers the best of two world-class companies to forest products, break bulk and heavy lift operations on the Gulf Coast. CSA includes Terminal Operations for loading and unloading rail cars, trucks and river barges as well as an Equipment Division to service all of the gear, equipment and maintenance needs. For more information, visit:


CSA-Mobile was formed in 1999 as a joint venture of Cooper/T. Smith and Stevedoring Services of America. (SSA Marine). It is comprised of three main divisions: Stevedoring, Terminal, Equipment and Services.Our operations offices are located at Building 55, on the facility of the Alabama State Port Authority in Mobile Al.

Our Port is often referred to as “Port Easy”, because of the turn-around speed for shippers. It has close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and two major interstates as well as 1,500 miles of inland shipping lanes that connect 16,000 miles of nationwide barge routes. Mobile is a four thousand acre natural deep water port with an average draft of 40 feet. It has 37 berths with approximately four million square feet of handling area that is served by six major rail carriers and 25 steamship agencies.
Our expertise lies in the handling of all types of cargoes such as: heavy lifts; steel; unitized, loose or roll wood pulp; liner or coated board; newsprint; lumber; plywood and other miscellaneous forest products, with combined annual volumes of well over a million net tons.
With over 120 pieces of onsite rolling stock and lift equipment, countless attachments and gear, a full array of shore cranes and reach stackers as well as a heavy lift floating crane with a lifting capacity of up to 400 net tons, an operations staff and work force that has an average experience of 20 years each; and, the backing of two of the strongest companies in the maritime industry, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the needs of our customer. This is what has set us apart from the competition and gained us the reputation as the premier stevedoring and terminal operator in the gulf.

The Port of Pascagoula is centrally located on the Gulf of Mexico with convenient and efficient transportation outlets via Interstate 10, U.S. Highway 90 and the CSX Railroad. It has close proximity to the deep-water shipping lanes of the Gulf of Mexico with an average pilotage time of 60 to 90 minutes. The East Channel and Harbor at Bayou Casotte has a maintained depth of 42’ with an 1150’ x 940’ turning basin also maintained at 42’.

CSA-Pascagoula employs the following terminals for continuous break bulk forestry cargo operations:

  • TERMINAL E: 517 ft. x 37 ft. Wharf
  • TERMINAL G: 516 ft. x 60 ft. Wharf and 695 ft. x 120 ft. Barge Berth
  • TERMINAL F: 737 ft. x 55 ft. Wharf
  • TERMINAL H: 556 ft. x 35 ft. Wharf
The Terminals are supported by two 174,870 sq. ft. transit sheds with inside rail spur for all weather operations.


The Port of Gulfport is strategically positioned on the central Gulf Coast. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway lies 5 miles offshore and crosses the port shipping channel. Interstate 10 is just seven miles north of the Port of Gulfport, allowing trucks to distribute products to 75% of the U.S. markets within 24 hours.

The port's channel is 250’ wide and is maintained to a depth of 36’. The North Harbor is maintained to a depth of 32’, while the South Harbor and Turning Basin, which is approximately 1,320’ wide, are maintained to a depth of 36’. Water depth at the nine berths ranges from 32’ to 36’.

CSA-Gulfport currently handles containers of fruit, export KLB and import break bulk lumber through the Port of Gulfport.

CSA provides stevedoring services including equipment, labor and supervision for passenger luggage handling and the loading of vessel supplies, stores and equipment for the New Orleans Erato Street Cruise Terminal. The terminal, which opened in 2006, includes 2,600 ft. (792m) of contiguous water frontage with 90,000 sq. ft. (8,361 sq. m.) of secure storage, embarkation & check in areas and a 1,000-vehicle covered parking garage.


CSA provides stevedoring services including equipment, labor and supervision for the loading, handling and securing of frozen goods loaded aboard vessels at the Jourdan Road Terminal for New Orleans Cold Storage. Facilities include two (2) berths, 1,400 ft. (426m) long at a project depth of 33 ft.(10M); a 200 ft. by 800 ft. warehouse with 24 dock doors on truck/container side; four main freezer doors on dockside allowing for two reefer ships to be loaded simultaneously; and Super Blast freezing systems capable of freezing meat products to 0 degrees F within 24 hours.

Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring utilizes 2 berths to provide stevedoring services for all types of non-containerized cargo in the Port of Long Beach. These two berths (on Pier F) total 1264 linear feet and have a water depth alongside of 36 feet.

Long Beach Contact:
Britton Cooper
Phone: (251) 441-2061 

Located in the Port of Mobile, CSA Services provides one-stop shopping for low-cost marine construction, shipping, safety and stevedoring gear and supplies. From bags, bearings, cordage, dunnage, electronics and forklifts to paint, springs, spreader bars, turnbuckles and wire rope, whatever your supply needs, CSA Services can get them quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Let CSA Services be your ONE SOURCE for all your supply needs.

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